A Photo Diary of the Fishing Adventures of the Guides and Guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters

August 17th - 18th

clock August 19, 2009 10:09 by author curtis

A two day Odyssey of pristine wilderness fly fishing for my two new friends of the south began with the jet boat, an eight weight and the dream of a bent rod.....I believe it was cast three that brought Werner's dream to life when the fly stopped, he pulled.....and the line pulled back. After 12 rounds and 6 hours of fighting we were ten miles down river and both Werner and the fish were spent. As we rolled 60lbs of silver toward the waiting net the salmon found one last bit of strength to make a final lunge that nobody was ready for......Breaking the leader....and Werner's Heart in the process. And with not even a picture, who is to say not every word is true, Hey Werner.

Chris followed closely in his fathers shoes but hooking and losing the second Chinook of the day 2 casts into the spot Werner had just hooked his. And while Dad was playing around with a bull trout




Chris finally put the first salmon, a colored Sockeye Buck, to the beach



We then went on the Bull trout Round up by heading way up river. 




Then it was back down to beat up on some more Sockeye 



On the way back to the boat, Chris mentioned that the only thing this day was missing was to see a bear eating the salmon. But on the way down river.....Low and behold. 



Day 2: Floating lines, dry flies and trout that look up......Awww Chris, you don't need that head net out on the river


That's better...... Hooked up and hangin' on. 



What a beautiful fish!!! 




Werner is working it out there

And the result........ Many rises to his fly, including this little gem 




And finally, who doesn't like a nice piece of tail.


FIRST PINK SALMON OF 2009!!!!!!!!!

clock August 19, 2009 10:04 by author curtis

August 15th saw our first Pink salmon of the year out of the main stem of the Fraser. It was caught near Chilliwack on an undisclosed hotspot below the Island 22 boat launch.


It's startin' early this year.

August 14th

clock August 19, 2009 09:20 by author curtis

A last minute trip for my two new friends Peter and Peter found us refining the fly fishing skills on another BC Fly Fishing Charters Wilderness Adventure. We Started off with a casting lesson which was interrupted shortly after it began with a beautiful Bull



It was again interrupted by the bent rod of Peter


A half a Kilometer run down the beach, and finally the netting of an incredible Salmon


Not to mention the walk back to the boat (Barely visible as far up as you can see on our side of the river)


Next Run Peter put on a show, not only for me but for some of the local wild life: a Black tail Doe who decided to kick back and watch Peter Cast.....



Hook a fish


And land a beautiful hen Sockeye.


The other Peter who had been honing his fly fishing and casting skills put them to the test, very soon afterward was rewarded with a large Sockeye Buck.



But this was not the end of Peter's affiliation with salmon this day. Fighting it out to the bitter end, Peter endured, and when the call for last cast was made....He made it count and got the rod bent.......



 And using all of his fish fighting prowess, won the battle......... and went platinum



 Just Grip it and Grin Peter

Incredible fish to both Peters and another wonderful day on the water.


August 9th - 11th

clock August 13, 2009 03:56 by author curtis

We met our new friends from the Golden state early on the 9th and made our way into the wilderness. After a couple of quick casting refreshers and our second run of the day, Matt was on. Now they say third time is a charm and it certainly was in this case, for it was his third salmon that finally made its way to the beach. This was only after one of the most epic battles I have yet to encounter which included almost pulling Matt into the river three times as the line came tight to a knot in the backing, having him fight the fish on strip as it ran upstream through heavy water and I untangled the backing with the spool off of the reel, and finally with a 200yd run down the beach to a little eddy in the rapids where we would finally get his tail........Well Done Matt!!!


From here we found several representatives of the Sea-Run Bull Trout and shook hands with another salmon briefly


Day 2 was off to the Skagit for some dry fly fishing in the rain. The weather was not nice but there was still fish to everyones fly including a great streak on the nymph at the end of the day.

Day 3 was to be a relaxing day. Late start, sit in the boat and watch the rods and maybe even catch a sturgeon or two.......... Well as it turned out, catching we did and relaxing we did not.




There was a fish on the first rod in the water even before I could bait up the second rod and it did not quit all day. The longest the rods sat in the water without a fish on was maybe 15 minutes.....



Of course we did set the hook and miss 5 times in that 15 minutes. The day capped with Branden who had been down on the numbers landing the biggest fish of the trip and his life as well as bragging rights forever at 232cm (7'8").


This was followed closely by his brothers 222cm fish (7'4")


It was an incredible day and an awesome trip with great people from the land of golden grass.

2009 World Police and Fire Games

clock August 12, 2009 18:07 by author curtis

 August 5th and 6th saw all of the GR&L affiliates teaming up to take the world fishing. At least the police and firemen of the world.









The event was an overwhelming success and people from near and far learned a great deal about the fish and fishing around Vancouver.

It Ain't Fly Fishing

clock August 12, 2009 17:54 by author curtis

It definitely ain't fly fishing.........But man to see them jump.

First evening with a new camera and the fish were looking up....(after they were hooked)




Guides day off

clock August 12, 2009 10:11 by author curtis

What do Guides do on their day off?   The answer is pretty simple..................... Go fishing




Sacha with his monster...MMMMMM Bait 



Here we go with a double header




And finally one of the many to the boat.



Good friends and a great day on the water. Special thanks to T-N-T Marine in Abbotsford.....Bar none the best place to buy a jet boat.

July 28 - 31st

clock August 12, 2009 09:32 by author curtis

Good friend Martin made his way to British Columbia in search of Bulls and Salmon. And even though the river color was way off the Bulls were still on; eating in some of the skinniest water I have ever seen. There were a number of fish caught with only the 3ft leader out of the rod tip.....It was pretty awesome to see.

We were surprised on our second day with the site of smoke on the hillside of the river. We were not so surprised the second day when the whole hillside was on fire.




Or that they were dipping water from one of the most productive salmon runs of the river


A couple of salmon lost and a bunch of Bull trout to the hand. Terrible water conditions and a raging forest fire. All in all a good week.