A Photo Diary of the Fishing Adventures of the Guides and Guests of BC Fly Fishing Charters

A new first

clock September 30, 2009 08:42 by author curtis

A game of high speed "Caps" on the Harrison River Is the latest " never saw that before" to the staff of BC Fly Fishing Charters.

Sorry the picture sucks but we were on step in a chop and I was also trying to drive.


We invite you to reply with any of your "never saw that before's" that you have encountered lately. We'll see what other crazy stuff goes on in this fishing world.

Sept 21-23

clock September 30, 2009 08:29 by author curtis

Jeff and Alan came across the pond to visit us for a few days and try their hand at some salmon. At lunch on the first day Alan says "you must hear this all the time, but we had never imagined there would be this many salmon. We have caught more salmon before lunch than a good season back home"


.......... Well Alan we do hear it all the time and having people here who appreciate this incredible resource, and being a part of you having your dreams and expectations fulfilled and exceeded is what makes this such a rewarding lifestyle.........THANK YOU.

Sept 19th

clock September 30, 2009 08:15 by author curtis

Took a day off for my Birthday and what better way to spend it then with family out on the Fraser catching some Salmon

Talk about "Getting Hooked" I do not think I have seen a happier young man and with the screams of "I CAUGHT A FISH" echoing off of the mountains I do not think there was a person on the river who would disagree.

Good Job Buddy....


clock September 17, 2009 17:27 by author curtis

This is a Pink Year........

BIG Sturgeon eat Pinks.........

There are more BIG Sturgeon around now than ever.

Lookin for a workout????? Forget the GYM come fish the Fraser!!!!!!







Got the second one down today along with 2 others that were bigger. I will add the pictures when I get em. Average fish today was nearly SEVEN FEET!!!!

Can't wait till the next bite.....It is going to be BIG

Sturgeon on the Fly!!!!!

clock September 17, 2009 17:12 by author curtis

It all started last winter when BCFFC Staff landed the first known targeted Sturgeon on the Fly from the Fraser River. We have been refining the lines and hooks and pretty much everything and on the 8th of this month we took an evening between trips and put what we had learned to the test...........................



At the time this was the largest hooked on a fly.....191cm

194cm long our new record on the fly!!!!!!!

Hooked 4 and landed three in a few hours......I think we are getting this thing figured out....... Or else we are just lucky?????

Either way it's good times.

First Half of September

clock September 17, 2009 16:56 by author curtis

Well the first half of September is behind us and looking back over the last couple of weeks the view has become a little tinted.....and it is tinted PINK!!!!! With an incredible run of fish in the river, the smiles have been almost as big as the numbers of fish. As one UK resident put it: "I have seen more salmon in the first hour here than I have in my entire life back home." Here is a small smattering of the over 1000 salmon we have landed in the last 2 weeks:


Awesome fish!!!! And thank you to everyone for an exceptional couple of weeks, we are back at it again tomorrow and looking forward to the rest of the season.

August 29th

clock September 7, 2009 08:01 by author curtis

After an earlier Wilderness Fly fishing trip in June of this year where George and his gang laid a hurt on some stunning Bull Trout:

 He asked me to let him know when the Sturgeon fishing was turned on so he could bring some people out and hopefully tie into a BIG fish. Well I made the call mid August and we arranged to head out on the 29th......... The fish were ON and after boating 8 other fish up to just over 6ft we finally got the fish that took us to shore and fulfilled a dream.


Seven foot one of Fraser River White Sturgeon. Well done Boys!!!!!!

August 24 - 28

clock September 4, 2009 15:13 by author curtis

Friends of UK Resident and local Chinook and Sturgeon Fishing legend Martin came out to join us on a remote salmon and Sturgeon fishing odyssey, and found all of what they had bargained for and more; starting with Matt hooking the object of his affection on his second cast:


 He then made a few more realizations with three beautiful Bull trout

Then it was Brian's turn when a long cast to the far bank brought to hand a large Sockeye Buck.

Matt answers with a Doe


And Brian again with a Buck

Day 2 and it was a different river with different salmon but the same results. We couldn't keep track of numbers or size and it was only the first fish that got any of the money......and that money went to Brian.

Hang on to her Brian

Two fish in the net is worth two in the hand


Then it was back for more Sockeye in our secret "ace in the hole"

 And then back to Sea lice dripping pinks and more Beautiful BC Scenery......... Got to love the wilderness.

Great days fishing with both Matt and Brian that I look forward to repeating soon.....Thanks Guys.

August 23rd

clock September 1, 2009 05:05 by author curtis

August 23rd saw us on the water with fishing legend Jimmy Houston filming for an upcoming episode. We managed to get a fly rod into his hands, and he made it work, showing us how it was done on his second cast by hooking a large Chinook which threw him on a jump. We hooked a number of Sockeye salmon and a couple of beautiful Bull Trout at various parts of the river before heading to the "Ace In the Hole" at he last part of the day. Jimmy and his daughter Sherri lit it up with Sockeye after Sockeye and didn't stop until long after the camera was out of film and the batteries were dead. It was awesome to see someone who has been fishing for so long and done just about everything still lovin' it so much...... Well Done Jimmy.

Pictures will be coming soon and I will post the air time of the show when we find it out.